Types Of Special Effects Used At Events

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Captivate your audience with special effects that add a dramatic feel to your event. It’s a great way to set the mood among attendees. Whether you want an emotional impact or have your guests jump in excitement, special effects help create unforgettable moments.

Let’s dive into some of the popular effects used at events.


A theatrical effect that adds a ‘wow’ factor to any event. They are categorized into two specific types — indoor and outdoor. For indoor pyrotechnics, launchers are used to shoot confetti, flutter fetti, streamers and glitter into the air. Outdoor pyrotechnics, on the other hand, include aerial and stage effects. Standard aerial pyrotechnics include fireworks like brocade crown, chrysanthemum, and many others. Some typical stage pyrotechnics include rockets, flash pot (flashes followed by a small amount of smoke), and airburst (bright silver sparks emitted from fixtures installed on either the truss or suspended from the ceiling).


With Co2 jets, a cloud of thick, powerful smoke is dispersed into the air, only to disappear immediately thereafter. Co2 jets can be installed on the trussing over a stage or placed at the end of a stage and blasted to create the effect. Co2 jets are often used to mask the entrance of artists at music concerts, or a tunnel at sporting events for athletes to run through as they make their way onto the field.

Co2 cannons are perfect for a mobile stage effect. You can move around an area rather than having the smoke shot out from a particular location on stage. Carry it around and release the smoke anywhere on the stage or dance floor.


Smoke machines produce a thick, white smoke that is used to create a visual effect. The smoke effect adds a mystique atmosphere and brings a three-dimensional feel to the venue. It’s typically used to highlight a special moment during an event such as a dramatic entrance or accentuate different lighting effects.


Haze machines keep a lingering mist of smoke over the stage or dance floor. They are used to highlight lighting effects, thus making light rays and patterns visible to the naked eye.

Low Fog

Low fog machines are used to produce a fog similar to dry ice machines. The effect consists of a thick, opaque fog that remains close to the ground. The machine creates an intense fog burst that is used to create a ‘walk on air’ effect.


Bubble machines are used to pump out bubbles for corporate and social events. They can be used as an alternative to confetti. The bubble effect can also be used at key points during live events, or to draw the crowd’s attention to the stage/event space.


Foam machines produce foam that is generally used at social events. Though the machine is large in size, it is pretty lightweight. It is typically fitted at the base of the floor; however, it can be hung on structures as well. The machine creates a large amount of foam that creates a fun and entertaining environment. While this effect is perfectly suited for celebrations such as birthdays and summer parties, foam is also commonly used at nightclubs or pubs.

Lighting and special effects go hand in hand. If you are planning a corporate event in Goa, ring us for some amazing solutions for your event.

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