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Lighting plays a vital role in the overall success of an event. Different colors of light around a venue (matched with the perfect decor) not only set the tone for an event, but have also proven to influence a guest’s mood in a positive way. Along with this, lighting helps to complement architectural elements and dynamic fixtures that work together to create a worldly visual experience.

There are two categories of lighting.

Static Lighting: Stationary stage lighting.

Intelligent Lighting: Stage lighting that can move and create colorful effects.

Here’s a list of static and intelligent lighting that will leave your guests in awe.

Static Lighting


Floodlights are a wide beam, high-intensity type of lighting which is used to illuminate large areas. They are suitable for outdoor events, typically of a large scale, that requires several yards of land to be illuminated. Floodlights are a first-choice type of lighting for big events that are organized after sundown, or in poorly-lit areas. In fact, their lighting intensity can be described as the perfect substitute for natural light! These floodlights come in a robust casting, making them durable for both, high or low temperatures. Alternatively, floodlights can be installed as floor lamps or behind plants to light up dark areas.

Up Lighting

Uplighters are ground-based lights that point upwards. They enhance various elements at the venue and truly add a sophisticated ambiance to an event.  When installed in an indoor setting, colors of light reflect off the walls, elegantly painting them with a beautiful hue. They are also commonly used to highlight pop-up banners or signages. To add a sense of sophistication combined with a magical feel, implement colored uplighters that go with your theme and you are on the right track!

Decorative Lighting

When you think of decorative lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is fairy lights or mirchi lights. It is not uncommon to see these strings of tiny bulbs adorning entrances, dancefloors, or used in multiple lines to create an overhead canopy. Kinetic Balls are another popular choice that provides a bolder visual experience for guests. They are usually set-up in larger areas where guests can see the entire display from afar. It transforms your event lighting into a dynamic environment, filled with beauty and vibrancy. For a truly aesthetic appeal, complement your event branding by choosing from a spectrum of colors.

Intelligent Lighting


A type of intelligent light used to create bright parallel, laser-like beams. The beams produced are distinct and are free of halo or discoloration. These lights offer a variety of colors which are used to create eye-catching mid-air effects.

Wash Lights

Wash lights are the opposite of sharpys. They caste a wide area of colored light; however, the light does not reach a long distance. The colored light produced by wash lights is used to fill areas across the stage evenly.


The term ‘gobo’ stands for ‘Go Between Optics’. They are used to create projected images or patterns at events such as gala dinners, product launches and award ceremonies. Gobos are a great way to showcase event branding, especially when they are installed in a static fixture to display a stationary image. In the case of intelligent fixtures, the projected images or patterns can be moved around for added effects in the event space. They are a visually appealing choice to create a unique experience for guests!


As the name suggests, spotlights are used to highlight (illuminate) a specific area on stage. This type of lighting has a narrow-focused beam which produces a high intensity and color temperature. There are different types of spotlights as well; for example, a profile spotlight is used for long throws and can be used to cut shapes on stage, while a follow spot sits on a stand and is used to follow performers as they move around the stage.


Used to create 2D or 3D geometric patterns, lasers produce flat beams of light which make for a special, intense lighting effect. Some types of laser effects include laser tunnel, scanning effect, and rolling effect. The light from the device is generally one color (either red or green); however, more advanced devices are capable of producing more than one color which is used in a series to create a stunning visual effect! 

These are just a few ways in which you can transform your venue with intelligent lighting, the possibilities out there are endless! Call our event management company in Goa to help you design the perfect branding and lighting design for your corporate or social event.  

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