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Event signages are an essential part of any event. Get it wrong, and your entire attendee experience may be at risk. The main goal of an event signage is to enhance the overall attendee experience. Wayfinding at events gives you plenty of branding, marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

We’ve put together a list of some creative event signage ideas to help you plan your next event:

Stair wraps:

Stair wraps - Event Signage

Transform your stairs with a message or an image that represents your brand. The face of the stairs provides you with a one-of-a-kind branding opportunity. For a massive staircase, the stair riser decals can showcase a single image, viewed from the bottom of the stairs. Whereas for a smaller staircase, the riser decals can display a repeated message or logo on each step.


Event Barriers - Signage

Barriers have several advantages. They prevent visitors from climbing on top of temporary structures and also help manage the route of attendees. Event barriers offer branding, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, they can be used to put custom directional messages at an event.

Graffiti wall:

Graffiti wall - Event Signage

Graffiti walls give your guests the ability to express their artistic flair on a larger than life canvas. There are two kinds of graffiti walls, digital and non-digital. You can customize your digital graffiti wall to match your event set. Guests can use digital stencils and several digital tools to interact with the wall to create or contribute to a custom work of art. A non-digital graffiti wall is similar to a message board, it is used to create excitement among your guests.

Step and repeat wall: 

Step and repeat wall

The step and repeat wall is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. The wall consists of repeating logos used at movie premiers, red carpet events, trade shows, conventions, and grand openings. The wall is a great way to increase the visibility of your brand as it will feature your logo in the backdrop of images that will be used for marketing and advertising.

Floor graphics:

Floor Graphics - Event Signage

Floor graphics at events are used to feature logos, texts, images, or patterns. This signage is used for wayfinding, branding, or to add a decorative element at your event. Floor decals are an easy way to stand out and impress your guests.

Promotional balloons:

Promotional Balloons - Event Signage

Helium spheres are a cost-effective way to get your logo up in the air and to gain maximum visibility for your brand. The helium balloons signages are excellent for trade shows. Exhibitors can implement custom inflatables or logo signages to create a festive look for their brand during events.


A Frame - Event Signage

A-frames come in various shapes and sizes depending on the signage needed at your event. They are an easy to move solution for any indoor or outdoor event. Some typical applications of A-frames include wayfinding signs, branding signage, or sponsor signage.


cardboard cutouts  - event signage

Cut-outs are a great add-on to any event as they get the cameras rolling. They liven up an event, especially if they are funny. Cut-outs are perfect for tradeshows, product launches, entryways; you can also incorporate your logo into the design.

Signage Directional Tower:

Signage Directional Tower

A directional signage tower is easy to customize, build it to any height that you desire. The high footfall area gives maximum visibility to your guests during an event.

Free-standing oversized signs:

Free standing over sized sign

Free-standing oversized signs are a showstopping element used at events. Present in large, bold letters at the venue, they make a big statement about your company’s presence, maximizing visibility to passing traffic and pedestrians.


Event Banner

Whether you use them for an indoor or outdoor event, banners always draw attention and are durable. Banners are versatile and can be available in various sizes, shapes and designs. They can be custom-made and used at different locations depending on your requirements.


Logo Projection - Event Signage

Gobos or laser projections are a great way to make a statement during events. They are used for large scale or small-scale projections. The best part about using this signage is that there are plenty of surface areas that you can use as your marketing canvas.

Free-floating signs:

Free Floating signage

A free-floating sign makes for a great outdoor event signage idea. It creates high branding visibility over water areas such as pools and fountains. For this signage, select the event, award, brand name, or even a hashtag that goes with the theme.

Neon signs:

Signage - Top Event Signage

Neon signs offer something unique amongst the creative solutions for your décor. These signs are a work of art, from logos to pictures coming to life in bright and fun colours. Being custom-made, they make for a costlier signage idea. However, they have high visibility and offer photo opportunities to your guests.

Topiary letters:

Topiary letters - Event Signage

Perfect for promoting a green, environmentally friendly image at the event venue. Topiaries can be shaped into anything, from logos and letters to signs. They make for a natural attractive showstopping signage at events.


Signpost - Event Signage

Signposts are essential for large scale events. They help direct the flow of traffic to multiple areas and help unfamiliar attendees in navigating inside the venue. Consider recommending a sign post to one of your sponsors as a branding opportunity.

Digital signs:

digital signage

Digital signages/ dynamic signages use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content. They are impressive and are reusable for any occasion. They can be used to display schedules or provide wayfinding and advertising solutions.

Need some help with your signage options and designs?

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