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Think beyond the canvas with unique corporate gift giveaways and promotional items! Whether you need gift baskets or a single gift item for your attendees, awardees or sponsors, our event management company in Goa is here to assist you. Corporate gift giveaways are given for a variety of reasons, some of these include: making sure your attendees remember your event, rewarding loyal customers or staff, enhancing your brand/company image. Choosing the right giveaway after any corporate event is critical in creating a lasting impression.

We’ve put together a list of some general and native corporate giveaway ideas to commemorate your trip to Goa.


Stylish Feni Bottle

Feni Bottle
Pic Credit : The Villa Goa

A local brew that comes with a strong aroma and its own geographic indication. Feni is an alcoholic beverage distilled from either coconut or cashew. It’s a transparent, clear liquid that when matured in wooden barrels develops golden brown tint. This liquor is best devoured on the rocks or with soda, with a hint of lime and salt.

Handmade Chocolates

A small piece of chocolate can sweeten your tongue and brighten your day. It’s a mix of business with pleasure. Surprise your attendees, with some personalized corporate chocolates. The chocolates can be custom made with your company logo printed/embedded on it. This is a creative way to create brand awareness, promote a new product or service and entice your guests.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry Fruits are a symbol of celebrations. They are a popular traditional gift given to guests. Some of these include Cashew nuts, Raisins, Golden Raisins, Kashmiri Walnut, Almonds, packed Almonds, Anjeer. Offer your guests an innovative packaging, customized with your choice of dry fruits, logo, and a message. Due to the array of unique packaging ideas, pouches, and jars of different shapes, it makes for a perfect corporate gift idea.


Macaroons are the perfect delicacy to bring a stylish, timeless touch to your special event. With handcrafted macarons, you can unleash your creativity by playing with colors for a festive touch unique to you.

Artisanal Cookies

Cookies are loved by most people. You can eat them whenever you want. It’s perfect with a glass of milk and can be eaten during any season. You can pick from a range of cookies such as bars, biscottis, cookie pressed, cut out, decorated, drop, filled, meringue, rolled, sandwiches, shortbreads, and snowballs.

Goan sweets (Doce / Dodol / Bebinca)

Doce, Dodol and Bebinca

These sweets introduce the guests to the flavors of traditional Goan delicacies. Some of these include:

1)    Doce – A delicious treat made up of channa dal, coconut, and sugar.

2)    Dodol – A delectable dish made up of coconut milk and coconut jaggery.

3)    Bebinca – A multilayer cake with made of flour, eggs, sugar, clarified butter and coconuts, which are rolled into a thin sheet. 

Kokum drinks

kokum drink

The kokum juice is a popular Goan coolant drink that is refreshing. The fruit of this juice is dark purplish in color.  The coolant is also known for its culinary and medicinal uses.


Handpainted tiles (Azuleijos)

Pic Credit : Velha Goa

Azulejos are hand-painted tiles that are made using traditional and modern techniques. Locally-designed azulejo in Goa, perfectly mirror the rich Indo-Portuguese culture of the land. These tiles make for a unique corporate gift giveaway as the art painted represents Goan landscape or a cultural parody. 

Coconut Shell Photo Frame

Carefully handcrafted and sustainably sourced coconut shelled photo frames.  This is a fun giveaway idea that will remind you of the sand, sea and coconut palms trees that you have seen in Goa. You can hang it anywhere at your homes or keep it at your office table.

Mario Miranda Artifacts

Pic Credit: Mario de Miranda

Mario Miranda was a famous Indian cartoonist and painter based in Goa. His work best represents caricatures and paintings that portray Goan pop culture. These items with a Mario print make for a perfect souvenir to take back home with you.

Handcrafted Candle

Goa is known for its handicrafts, one of these include custom-made candles. Candles are known to embellish grand occasions. These fragrant candles can come with personalized labels of your company.

Tailor make your goodie bags/baskets with the above items and set excitement among your attendees. If you’re planning an event, get in touch with our event management company in Goa. EMC-Goa will help you plan your event, afterparty and gift giveaways in a cost-effective and stress-free way.

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