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An event can be hosted by anyone but making it memorable is a whole different story. Whether it’s a conference or a product launch or an award ceremony, a theme sets the mood among your guests. An event theme engages your guests and generates plenty of excitement beforehand. Make sure to select a theme that’s appropriate for your company culture.

To make your job easier, we have put together a list of some exciting & versatile corporate event themes – a safe fit for just about any company.

Casino Royale

The casino royale theme brings a feeling of glamour and excitement to the event venue. The sophisticated dressing, elegant décor, and focused lighting make this theme a high-class affair. Your event management company can transform your site to match a real onsite casino. Other essential elements of the deco may include real casino dealers and games such as roulette tables, poker, black jack and lucky 7.


The carnival-inspired theme consists of big bold colored deco, signages, 3D fibre carnival masks, Rio styled performers, and fun-filled atmosphere. With a stunning and exciting carnival-themed event, everyone is sure to have fun. Add a photo station with zany props to elevate the mood of your attendees.

Arabian Nights

Entice your guests with middle eastern decor which will transport their minds to the Middle East. This theme works well with beautifully structured Bedouin tents. Surround your guests with Moroccan fabrics and fine linen as they dine in their very own tent.  Include colors scheme like pink and gold; purple, red and blue; purple, blue and turquoise, blue and deep green. Add some extra glamour and sparkle to your evening by hiring professional belly dancers.

Black and White

Black and white themed party calls for a traditionally classy event. Your décor, table settings, unique adornments and maybe even the food can follow the combination of the two.  The black and white theme brings a sense of sophistication and elegance into the atmosphere. Consider adding a splash of silver or gold to keep it interesting. Enchant your guests with lavish wall draping; glamorous hostesses themed performers and luxury food that will make it a theme to remember.  

Glow in the dark

The neon theme usually is favored for music events, however recently it has found its way into other event styles, such as corporate events. By using neon installations, you can decorate the venue in colorful light. Backlights, glow bars, centerpieces, and neon furniture are just some accents that complete the look of the site.

Hollywood Oscars

A-list Hollywood corporate themed party will WOW your attendees. A red carpet walk down the entrance will make your guests feel special. Photo walls, bright lights, theatrical costumes, Hollywood-inspired entertainment, and props will add glamour to your gala night. Get creative with award night decor, by having bright and dim lighting around the stage to create an enchanting atmosphere.


A sea-facing venue, boat/river cruise boat or a poolside venue will be ideal for this theme. The Hawaiian theme gives a laid-back feeling to your attendees. You can decorate your venue with palm trees, colorful 3D props and garlands to welcome your guests.

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby theme showcases extravagance and ostentation. For a jazz age glamour, the venue is decorated with geometrical art deco, vintage movie posters, gold-trimmed accessories, and lavish centerpieces. Other elements may include crystal chandeliers, lush carpets, ostrich feathers, and pearls to complete a classy look to your venue. For entertainment, consider hiring a live Jazz band and dance performers to set the mood among your guests.


Bollywood theme uses vibrant colors and luxurious fabrics to decorate the venue.  The theme has an electric mix of décor elements such as Bollywood posters, Indian carts, bright colored chair covers – combined with an Indian photobooth with props. Consider hiring dance performers/comedians to bring a thrill to your guests for their Bollywood themed gala dinner.

Around the World

The around the world theme will take your guests on an international tour. 3D monuments of wonders of the world and deco will represent various parts. The best part about this theme is that you can experience a variety of cultures all at the same event and venue.C

Futuristic/Cosmos Theme

Showcase a celestial ambience by using start-of-the-art Pixel technology. This theme works best with a small event space. 3-D Props and deco can be made from metallic materials lined with LEDs, to give you an extra-terrestrial feel.

Sports Theme

Whether it is football, cricket, basketball, or tennis – a sports theme makes for a solid theme choice. The color scheme can represent a famous team with 3d props of the sport, posters of famous players and a custom-made creative sport centerpiece for the table.

Pirate Theme

Welcome your guests with an entrance filled with pirate treasure. Decorate the venue with props such as giant skulls, barrels, netting, planks, ropes, small pirate ships to transform your event space into a pirate themed event.

Retro Theme

Enchant your guests with a room filled with shimmering curtains, giant posters, and large ghetto blaster props. Other deco elements may include Rubik’s cubes, neon slinkies, cassette tapes and a colorful dance floor to elevate your retro theme. Your retro theme can include a photo booth with props such as a vintage bike, golf carts, and much more.

Superhero Theme

The superhero theme is perfect for an awards night. This is a popular theme as it represents the Marvel & DC world. You can choose from a diverse array of color schemes such as bright yellows, blues, oranges, and greens. The colors will give your event space a cartoony feel and will highlight your theme. Use 3d art props and posters of different superheroes can depict a hero meet. You may also include custom-made superhero logo table centerpieces to add the ambience for the event.

If you wish to host your next gala dinner or an awards night, get in touch with our event management company in Goa. Our highly creative team at EMC Event Management, with their impeccable taste, focuses on a complete visual impact. We can provide everything you need to make your event sensational.

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