How To Maximize Your Event Experience With The LED Wall

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Create an immersive digital experience at your event with the LED wall. From crisp animations to live video feeds, it can support multiple visuals in any aspect ratio. The LED screen has long-distance visibility; therefore, it is an excellent choice for outdoor events. It gives your audience a front-row experience from the furthest distance.

 Here’s how you can use the LED wall to enhance your event experience. 

Dynamic Content

Keep your audience on the edge of their seats with high-quality images and videos. The LED wall offers good color accuracy and refresh rates. This makes the LED the best choice to display high impact visuals.

Make the most use of your wall even during intervals. Some downtime ideas include screening the event schedule, playing some soothing motion graphics or a company etiquette video.

Brand awareness

At business meets, utilize the LED wall to market your products or services. For events such as expo or multi brand trade show, you can also offer brands a few secs to promote their message on the screen. Obtain a return of investment through these third-party advertisements. You can also display multiple ad content by separating portions of the LED wall.

Get creative

Being modular, assemble it in any size and shape you want. You can configure it into a solid rectangle, curve, or even serpentine formation. Our event management company can create unique stage designs depending on your requirements.

High-resolution graphics

Resolution is an important feature when configuring the LED wall. Content presented should be at a resolution of 1080p or higher (4K).  To guarantee the best playback on the controller, export the content and graphics in MPEG-4 video format.

Increase Your Audience Engagement 

You can display live feeds of your social media on the LED wall. The feeds allow your guests to participate in the live-action and gives them some publicity in return.

Live Broadcast on LED Wall

Keynote speakers who are unable to attend the event can have a live video conference with the audience on the big screen. Your event company can achieve this by displaying the screen of the laptop on the LED wall. 

LED wall and projection mapping

Map the LED panels to display graphics on different parts of the wall. The LED wall with projection mapping can be used for creative dance performances.

Technical support is an important factor to consider when renting the LED wall. You don’t want any technical glitches especially when your audience is counting on your screen. Make sure to hire a professional event company.

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