10 Electrifying Team Building Ideas for Corporate Events

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Corporate events are much more than just a chance for employees to gather. They help to gain an insight into the company’s future goals and say a big fat “thank you” to your staff’s achievements. Over time an annual event schedule becomes predictable.  That’s why having a team building session can add that extra oomph to your event. Team building sessions have several advantages. They help spark new relationships, encourages unity and collaboration within team members. Team building at corporate events aims to strike a balance between professional and recreational development.

Here are 10 electrifying team building ideas that can enhance teamwork, develop trust, and improve problem-solving skills.

Food Cart Face-Off

Food Cart Face-Off - Team Building Idea

Ever dreamed about participating in the Master Chef? Fulfill your culinary dreams with this corporate team building activity. Participants are split into teams.  They will be provided with ingredients and decorative materials to design their food cart. Recipes will be not provided to the contestants. Teams will be judged on the dish they invent and the presentation of their food cart.  Through this culinary adventure, participants will attempt to out-cook, out-market, and out-score their competition, in an effort to win.

Team building lessons: Encourages creativity and improves leadership skills.

Pixel Challenge

Pixel challenge team building idea
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The pixel challenge is a mega art project. Participants are split into teams to showcase their skills through a splash of colors. Team members are given multiple canvases where the artwork will be divided onto the canvas grids. Each team member will work on their canvas. Once completed, the canvases will be framed forming a big picture. The picture brings a feeling of belonging and commitment as it reflects the company values and brand image.

Team building lessons: Encourages creativity and delivers a message. For an organization to triumph, it is necessary for an individual to be successful.

CSI Investigation

CSI Investigation Team Building Idea

Are you ready to become the next ACP Pradyuman or Sherlock Holmes? Put on your thinking caps as you will be introduced to a murdered character.  Teams will be taken to the scene of the crime where they will be introduced to clues to help solve the murder.  They can also receive results from the crime lab on the evidence they have gathered.  Upon completion, teams must hand in their evidence on the suspect. The fastest team to solve the murder mystery wins the challenge.

Team building lessons: Engages participants in an intense challenge that calls for teamwork and critical thinking ability.

Acid River

Crossing The Acid River - Team building Ideas

Acid River is a popular corporate team building activity where teams are divided into groups of 4-8 members. The participants must imagine walking through an acid river. Teams are in a race against each other or time. The team leaders must transport all their team members across the river using wooden planks and ropes. In case a group member falls off a plank while crossing the river, the group must start all over again.

Team building lessons: Encourages coordination/synchronization, cooperation and leadership.

Pharaoh Challenge

Pharaoh Challenge - Team building ideas

Similar to the pixel challenge,here each team member is challenged to build a small pyramid with the materials provided to them. Each small pyramid will have a particular design on a pre-defined theme. Stationery items will be handed over to them prior to the competition. Finally, each small pyramid is brought together to form one larger pyramid that will exhibit the overall theme.

Team building lessons:  Engages innovativeness, resource management, coordination and communication.

Amazing Race

games for corporate events

Inspired by the TV show The Amazing Race; teams head out in their cars around the hotel/city. Each team leaves the starting point with a map and a clue to the first checkpoint. At each checkpoint, they will have to complete their ROAD BLOCK tasks.  Once they have completed the task, they will be handed over a clue to the next check point. The challenge is won by the team who solves all the clues and completes the tasks in the shortest time.

Team Building Lessons: Encourages leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork

Beats Work

Beats Work - Team building idea

Starting in small groups, your team will be taught the basics of samba beats and breaks. By using rhythm based warm up exercises, teams soon move onto real instruments. Each group will learn different rhythms. As teams build up their confidence, the groups are finally brought together for the finale and showcase a pulsating rhythm.

Team Building Lessons: Excellent activity for stress release and group bonding.

Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics - Team Building ideas

Based on Olympic ideals, teams compete in a round robin series of games. Some of these of fun-filled actives include as tug o war, human wheelbarrow, sculpting sand, beach football and so forth.  These challenging tasks ensure maximum participation. The games are a mix of athletic and non-athletic competitions so that there is something for everyone.

Team Building Lessons:  Motivates team work, builds loyalty, trust and mutual respect for one another.

Land Zorbing

Land Zorbing - Team Building Ideas

Body Zorb balls are huge balls made of a flexible plastic material which can be worn easily by the participants. They have an air valve making it a lot more comfortable. The game commences by members being divided into two teams. Participants of each team are then required to tackle each other while wearing the Zorb Fighting Ball. Contestants who succeed in tackling down all other members of the opposite team wins the game.

Team Building Lessons: Encourages team work, decision making and your balance will be put to the test.

F1 Racing

F1 Racing - Team Building Idea

Teams are provided with a set of raw materials with which they have to create a model of a man-powered car. The process begins with perfecting the design and ends with the implementation phase. The complexities of this challenge include designing, modifying and testing. Teams will soon come to realize that the race is not just about making a glamorous car. It involves a lot of micro-tasking, that involves designing a brand for your team using fiery logos and colors. Finally, the cars are all lined up for a head to head race down the track where the teams prove their mettle.

Team building lessons:  Encourages time management, multi-tasking and collaboration.

If you plan on hosting a team building session at your corporate event, our Event Management Company in Goa provides you with a range of ideas. We can manage your event so that every component of it unravels exactly as planned.

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